One-of-a-Kind Globes

One-of-a-Kind Globes Project Students use creativity and freehand mapping skills to design this fun project. One-of-a-kind globes make great decorations for the classroom, bedroom, or study area. An endless variety of hand drawn continents and countries will reflect the creator’s individual interests.This project will also provide an excellent opportunity to discuss map projections.Teachers, are you looking for a special gift to give to parents at fall conference time? This is the project! Parents are delighted when they receive their child’s one-of-a-kind globe. It will become a cherished reminder of their child’s school days for years to come.
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Hand Drawn Wall Maps

Hand Drawn Wall Maps Project Wall maps are more meaningful when you make them yourself! Using a large sheet of paper, draw your freehand map. Hang the map in an accessible place, perhaps near a professional map of the same area. Add to the map as you study. Physical features such as regional borders, rivers, lakes, cities, roads and mountain ranges can be added. Pictures of historical sites, flags, crops, industries, or endangered species are also possibilities. FreeHand Maps create an ideal space to organize and collect headlines when studying current events. There’s just no end to the number of ways hand drawn wall maps can reflect ideas across the curriculum.
(Tressa Votis and her sixth grade current events class used this freehand world to display information gathered from their weekly current events publication. Note: the Equator is drawn lower than expected because the southern-most part of the world was not included on this map.)

FreeHand Globe Ornaments

Freehand Globe Ornaments Project Offer someone “the world” as an expression of gratitude or friendship for the holidays. Add a bow and you have a one-of-a-kind ornament someone will cherish. Globe ornaments also make great decorations for Earth Day.

(In 1994, Hayley, a former fourth grade student, gave me this globe. She added labeled ribbons in appropriate locations to feature names of several books our class had read. It remains a special gift from a special girl.)

"Crown Miss South America" Writing Project:

'Crown Miss South America' Writing Project Hand-drawn “heads” of South America grace a bevy of beauties in this theme contest. Students select one of thirteen South American countries, research and write one page papers about their chosen countries. Next, they attach freehand South America drawings, highlighting country locations with color or contrast, and add feet before entering this classroom pageant. Who will wear the crown?

Download South America Body Templates PDF

Student Generated Maps with Legends:

Student Generated Maps with Legends Project As the old saying goes…“A picture paints a thousand words.” It is absolutely true! Good textbooks generously embed pictures, diagrams, and maps within their text. Good teachers give students ready-made maps to color according to the key. A better plan? Allow students to create maps from scratch. Add color and a key to produce something students will really remember. 7th grade Lindsey indicates the states with the most to the least representatives in the House of Representatives on her hand-drawn map.

State representative information follows. Three template options for drawing are also included. Students may draw the Western States, Eastern States, or all 50 States from memory.

Seats in the House of Representatives by State

Download Student Maps Templates PDF

The Freehand 50 Challenge:

The Freehand 50 Challenge Project With just a few lessons, students can learn to draw and label the Fifty States in 5 minutes. Day 1: (one class period) Students practice the Western States up to the Mississippi. They are encouraged to continue practice as homework.
Day 2: Students review the West and practice the Eastern States. Again, they are encouraged to practice in the evening.
Day 3: Students review both the East and West and practice drawing the entire Freehand 50. (Pictured above are names of several motivated Crandon students who were anxious to take the Freehand 50 Challenge on Day 3.)
Day 4 and Beyond: Students are encouraged to add their names to the poster as they cut their drawing time to five minutes on Day 4 and beyond. (A poster template follows.)

Download Poster Template PDF

Mini-Atlas Project
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